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A Wizard From the Start - Book Review

Get your copy on Amazon.

Celebrate World Children's Day on November 20 with a gift of this children's book.

This year, inspire children with the biography of Thomas Alva Edison - A Wizard From the Start written by Don Brown. It is a picture book that children between the ages of eight and ten should be able to read independently.

A Wizard From the Start describes Edison's childhood where he coined and lived by the motto, "The more to do, the more to be done." It recounts his struggles with school and his early career as a candy, newspaper and vegetable vendor in the train. The book talks about his humble background as a farmer's and a teacher's son. He was curious and did most of his learning on his own by reading books in the library.

This engaging read will tell children about the 1093 patents that Edison has to his name including - the electric voting machine and the light bulb. A critical point stressed in this book is that success does not depend on how well you do in school. Success is a product of hard work, learning and resilience.

A Wizard From the Start is a book that you can gift children to introduce them to Edison. Kindle the spirit for reading, learning and science within children by reading this book with them.

Get your copy on Amazon.

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