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The Giving Tree - Book Review

The Giving Tree, a tale in poetry by Shel Silverstein reminds us of our ability to give.

The Giving Tree, a tale in poetry by Shel Silverstein, reminds us of our ability to give. It shows us that even after we feel that there is nothing left in us to share, we still can.

It was on 27th February 2006 that I had received a call to join the Akanksha Foundation. As a part of our intense training session, we read The Giving Tree and talked about the person who symbolised the giving tree in our lives. I had talked about my mother. I spoke about how she raised me alone when I was a child as a working parent because my father was working in Muscat. I mentioned her grit and strength as a mother. I told how she was always there for me when I was at my weakest.

As a second part of the exercise, we were supposed to tell the giving tree of our lives, how we felt about them. Today, fourteen years later, I am happy that I had told my mother how I felt about her. She was very touched by this gesture. That moment was worth every tear we had shed together.

It is my mother's birthday today. I ask you to take this opportunity and tell the giving trees in your lives how you feel about them.

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